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We receive many calls inquiring about our grave prices every year. We are confident you'll find these prices very competitive with similar accommodations at other cemeteries. We have hundreds of gravesites available for your selection. Our location in Cleveland's historic Brooklyn Centre neighborhood, overlooking the majestic skyline of our proud city and convenient to all local freeways, gives added reasons to seriously consider burial accommodations within our nearly 90 acre grounds.

Our Victorian Chapel (now named the William R. Halley Chapel in honor of his many years of service to the cemetery and the restoration of the Victorian Chapel under his supervision) is available for funeral visitation and service, usually for approximately one to one and a half hours during the day of the burial. It will hold 85-100 people and has a small electronic organ. The cost is currently $190, and arrangements can be made through your Funeral Director or our office. Please note more information on use of the building at Chapel and Services and information about this National Historic Register listed building at Historic Chapel and Gatehouse/Office Building.

The total range of current grave prices are from $775-$925 for each grave. The lowest cost is for the sections which allow only flat headstones and therefore require the least maintenance. The higher prices are for gravesites which permit either flat or above-ground headstones or monuments. In most cases, these latter sections permit personal in-ground planting. Perpetual care and maintenance is included with all graves at no additional cost.


Graves can be selected with the assistance of our professional, dedicated, experienced and caring administrative staff. We have no commissioned sales persons or counselors.  Pre-need Lot Graves can either be paid in full at the time of purchase or established on account with a 20% down payment followed by interest-free, equal monthly payments, spread out over up to 30 months. If a death has occurred, a multi-grave account can be opened with the payment for the grave used, with monthly payments thereafter on adjoining reserved space.  For more information, email us at or call 216.351.4800.

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Presently 15% of all grave sales is Trusted in our Perpetual Maintenance Fund. There is no additional current or later cost to the Lot Owners for this care.


Burial cost is currently $960. This amount can be prepaid and placed in Trust. The Trusting Fee is $25. Thus the total for a pre-paid burial would be $985. If the burial cost is pre-paid and Trusted, the cost is therefore guaranteed with us.

Chapel Tents and chairs are available for Funeral Services and are included in all Lot Burials paid for after 12/01/2012 

There is no vault installation charge at Riverside Cemetery.

All prices are subject to periodic review and may change at some future time.

For more information, call us at 216.351.4800, or email us at

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