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Many people are attracted to Riverside Cemetery's traditional lot sections because, in most cases, tributes (flowers, plants) can be planted in the ground. Artificial flowers are also permitted.

Several types of headstones or monuments can be accommodated, depending on the size and location of the grave.


Left to right: raised headstone: flush headstone; and slanted headstone.

This option can be accommodated on a standard 8 ft. long grave. A single headstone, flush (flat) up to one foot high is permitted on each grave. A cinder block foundation is installed at the head end of the grave.

A single flush (flat) headstone can be granite or bronze and is 2 ft. x 1 ft. x 4 inches. Upright headstones may be made of granite only. They are 2 ft. x 1 ft. x up to one ft. high. Their form can be rectangular or the front can be slanted. Any headstone must be at least 6" high for above ground installation.

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Historic Riverside Cemetery is one of the few cemeteries in Northeast Ohio that permits larger headstones, including monuments.

Two double monuments of contrasting heights.

If a larger headstone is desired, a longer grave must be purchased to allow additional space at the head end of the grave for the installation of a poured concrete foundation to support the larger and heavier headstone. An oversized grave can be either 9 ft. or 10 ft. in length.

A lovely effect is achieved as plantings mature around monuments.

A single 9-ft. long grave will accommodate a larger single headstone up to 2 ft. x 1 ft. x 18 inches high. Any headstone must be at least 6 inches high for above-ground installation.

A double monument without base.

Two side-by-side 9 ft. graves will accommodate a larger single-piece-double-wide headstone ranging 3 ft. to 4 ft. across, 10-12 inches wide and can range from 6 to 18 inches high.

A two-piece, double-wide memorial.

Ten foot graves accommodate monuments and two-piece double-wide memorials. They can be for one grave or a multi-grave (two or more) lot. They are generally composed of two or more pieces of granite stacked together (a base and an upright). Heights range from 22" up and they can be of appropriate and considerable size. They are installed completely off the burial portion of the grave(s) on a poured concrete foundation.

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These sections are exclusively reserved for grass-level (flat) headstones and only portable live and artificial tributes. A name cross may be placed against the headstone year round.


In these sections we select a burial space only when a death occurs. Here, a grave space and burial costs $1000. The headstone, tributes and crosses permitted are the same as in the Memorial Park Sections. Also, a few graves in each row are reserved for double-deep (two full burials in one grave) interments where a spouse or family member may reserve a space above a lower depth earlier burial. This accommodation which includes a double-depth grave and the first burial is $1,150 and can be purchased only when the first person passes. The future burial charge will be the prevailing standard interment charge at that time.

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This section is for small children, birth up to about 3 years. A grave and burial here is $240.


For older children, 3+ up to about 10 years, we have youth graves (up to 72" long) grouped together. A grave and burial is $310.

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We have a special section for the burial of cremations. In-ground spaces are 3 ft.x3 ft., will accommodate 2-4 urns, and are allowed one single-sized, grass level headstone per grave. The headstone, tributes and crosses permitted are the same as in the Memorial Park Sections. We do not require a separate vault for the burial of cemains. We permit a variety of containers to be used. Graves may be purchased in advance or at-need for $370; interment is $460.

In this section we also have Columbariums for above-ground entombment. Niches cost $900 - $1000; Entombment is $460. Names and dates can be inscribed on the outer cover. Niche prices are the same regardless of the niche tier (level) chosen.

Comparing costs of the above two options, one should consider the following which almost neutralizes the relatively small cost difference between the two options:

1. While the ground grave and burial are considerably less costly as such, if one wishes to identify the urn(s) interred, the standard-size headstone allowed absorbs the savings over a niche with an inscription.

2. With regard to the niche, which is more expensive than a 3'x3' grave initially, the name can be inscribed on the outer granite cover. Two names so inscribed cost about 1/2 that of a starting price headstone and installation. Actual costs can be obtained from the office at anytime by interested parties. The choice of accommodation, however, is actually one of preference since the overall costs are comparable.

Cremains can also be buried on top of a close family member for $460. We do not charge any additional "accommodation fee" to inter cremains on top of a full burial.

For more information, call us at 216.351.4800, or email us at

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The cemetery offers bronze headstones, with several floral or plant designs to choose from, available with or without a bronze vase. There are hundreds of emblems or special personal tributes available to personalize your selection. We attach the bronze plate onto a pre-fabricated concrete base. Please contact the office for price quotes.

If interested in a bronze headstone, check with the office to verify the price due to possible changes in response to material cost.

For more information call us at 216.351.4800, or email us at

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Riverside Cemetery strives to help you to keep your loved ones grave a place of remembrance.


All Funeral Flowers that are brought to Riverside for a Funeral Service are tastefully arranged over the grave site after the burial and remain there until the flowers are spent and subsequently removed. Appropriate personal planting privileges are permitted in most traditional sections

Artificial or live tributes are permitted year-round. We permit THREE ITEMS ONLY on each grave, near the headstone. If several persons want to participate in putting items at a grave, rotate the tributes—remove one old one when placing one new one.

A shepherd's hook can be placed against the headstone on a grave and hanging baskets can be used.  A single hook and all decorations on it count as one item.

Durable steel easels are available for free at the office to hold your tributes. Do not use Styrofoam tributes because they cannot withstand weather trauma. They dislodge from flimsy stands, break apart easily, and blow around.

No types of fencing or stones are permitted on graves.


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Wooden name crosses are allowed throughout the cemetery year round and should not exceed 3' tall or 2' wide.  No building material larger than 4" x 4" permitted.  These can be purchased at the Cemetery Office.


We have two types of fold-in vases available for sale. One is made of aluminum and costs $35. The other is zinc and costs $55. Prices include tax and installation.







We have a nice selection of beautiful silk flower bouquets for our families and friends to purchase for gravesites. Our current selections are pictured above.  The selections may vary from time to time.  Total cost for the bouquet, tax, and placement is $30.00.

If you wish to order one of these bouquets, send us a request stating (1) whose grave or graves  you wish to have the bouquet placed on, (2) the grave location, if known, (3) if there is a headstone or monument on the grave, (4) when you wish to have the bouquet placed, (5) which bouquet you prefer, (6) a check for the correct amount, and (7) your name, address, and phone number. You may also phone in your request.

Each bouquet comes with a small green plastic self-standing vase that will fit into the various fold-in vases. It can also be inserted directly into the ground using the spike included at the bottom of the vase. They are very appropriate at anytime of the year, but are especially nice for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's and Father's Days, and Memorial Day. Other than our March 1 and Oct. 15 clearing times, we will not remove these items.

We cannot assume responsibility for silk flowers after they are placed.

For more information call us at 216.351.4800, or email us at

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We offer a nice selection of artificial Christmas Wreaths. A sample of each will be on display in the Office in early October. Wreaths purchased before Thanksgiving will be placed at your designated grave(s) on a sturdy stand during the first week of December. The cost, including tax and placement varies.

For more information call us at 216.351.4800, or e-mail us at

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