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  Riverside Cemetery
  3607 Pearl Road   Cleveland, Ohio   44109


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SUNDAY, April 1, 2018

Easter Sunrise Service

6:30 a.m

Contact our office for more information


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There are many opportunities for individuals or groups to explore Riverside Cemetery. 

To assist individuals who wish to tour the grounds, we recommend stopping first in our office where we have maps showing our grounds and some maps which also show where the more notable persons are buried. In addition, we have a free booklet showing a convenient and easy to follow route for a walking tour complete with explanations of the notable persons buried within.

Often small groups will assemble near the front of the cemetery and walk all or portions of the grounds. Due to the large size of the cemetery, nearly 90 acres, sometimes groups will tour part of the cemetery at one time and other parts later on.


A formal tour is usually held at least once annually during the summer. These generally begin inside our Victorian Chapel or outdoors in an appropriate location that has a dramatic vista. A knowledgeable speaker will give an overview of the cemetery's beginnings, philosophy, future, and more interesting attributes. There are fascinating old and newer photographs available to see. A slide show is also available to be narrated and shown here during inclement weather or off grounds.

After this lecture, the walking tour begins. There are many stops along the way where various persons' names, monuments, plants, and stories of those interred within are studied and explained. Questions are welcomed, as well as other input from the walkers. As tour-goers notice the names on the monuments and headstones they realize that here are the resting places of so many early Clevelanders who left their mark on our great city. Participants notice the names of many nearby streets, businesses, builders and early developers of our city's industry. Considerable early Cleveland history and general information is often the conversation among all the persons sharing their experiences.

The Schlather mausoleum (above) and a carving from the Victorian Chapel (above left).
cartwright mausoleum

Enlightening are the copious examples of art, symbolism, heritage and style as the magnificent statuary, monuments, and building structures are examined and studied.  Incorporated with these panoramas are the suitable particular surroundings and landscapes. The innumerable splendid and plentiful large trees are overwhelming and glorious sentinels to those resting nearby. Also appealing is the mixture of abundant younger and smaller trees. Scattered throughout the grounds are numerous examples of multitudes of flora, many very old and beautiful. The diversity of commonly seen as well as rarely seen wildlife that have found homes in the cemetery is enjoyed as well.

The tours held encompass General Interest, Education, History, Brewers (focusing on the eight prominent 19th and early 20th century brewers buried here), several outside bus tours, and even once an Outdoor Theatre Performance.

If you would like to be notified of any scheduled tours, please call our office and have your name added to our Newsletter list, "The Tradition" which will contain announcements of any scheduled upcoming tours. This is mailed out in the Spring and Fall.

To inquire further about tours of the historic Riverside Cemetery, call us at 216.351.4800, or email us at

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