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  Riverside Cemetery
  3607 Pearl Road   Cleveland, Ohio   44109


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One widespread practice in older, garden-type traditional cemeteries like Riverside was, and still is today in our case, to permit families the opportunity to personally plant appropriately-sized annuals and/or perennials in graves or on lots within sections permitting such opportunities. This practice is still followed by many here, but it has been significantly reduced in scale.

 During earlier years the planting of annuals on an entire grave(s) was very evident in most areas where higher headstones and monuments are allowed. Some planted very traditional annuals, while others were quite artistic by creating various geometric designs with the small red and green ball-like plants so common at that time. Some larger lots had magnificent steel planter vases several feet high and wide. Families then visited the cemetery more frequently to water, weed, and trim their plantings which became very colorful and attractive. Today, people tend to visit here less than generations earlier, and few create full-grave flower beds; most plant smaller areas at the head of the grave(s) each spring. Where space allows, small shrubs are also sometimes planted. Very few major-sized cemeteries still permit such broad personal planting opportunities.

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(1) No children will be admitted unless attended by some person who will be responsible for their conduct. 

(2) No rapid driving will be permitted, nor driving on the lawns.  (This applied to carriages since there were no cars.) 

(3) All persons are prohibited from picnicking, hunting or fishing, feeding or disturbing fish, fowls or birds within the Cemetery. 

(4) All persons are forbid sitting, lounging upon, or otherwise occupying any private lot within the Cemetery not their own. 

(5) Horses must not be left, unless fastened where posts are provided for that purpose. 

(6) Neither refreshments nor liquors will be allowed upon the grounds. 

(7) No person with firearms or dogs will be permitted to enter the grounds. 

(8) All persons are strictly prohibited from throwing rubbish on the avenues or any part of the grounds, plucking any plants, whether wild or cultivated, breaking or injuring any tree or shrub, marring any monument or landmark, or in any way defacing the grounds. 

(9) No person will be permitted to use boisterous or profane language, or in any way to disturb the quiet and good order of the Cemetery. 

(10) No person will be permitted to enter except through the entrance.  All persons are reminded that the grounds are sacredly devoted to the burial of the dead, and that provisions and penalties of the law, as provided for by the State Statute will be strictly enforced in all cases of wanton injury, disturbance and disregard of the rules.

It is of the utmost importance that there should be a strict observance of all the proprieties due the place, whether embraced in these regulations or not, as no impropriety will be tolerated.  All well-disposed persons will confer a favor by informing the Superintendent of any breach of these rules that may come under their notice.

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When our founders carved Riverside Cemetery out of virgin farmland in 1876, they had a vision.

They weren't wanting a cemetery for their time plus a couple more decades. If that had been their plan, Riverside would have been filled and closed long ago.

But the prominent Clevelanders who built Riverside were thinking about the future. So they built a cemetery which would meet all Greater Clevelanders' needs for 200 or more years. We are proudly into our second century of service.

And our founders gave us more than a beautiful cemetery site with plenty of room to grow. They gave us some very important guidelines, and important heritage, for Riverside's operations:

  • Always consider, and care for, each person selecting Riverside as a member of our extended family much as his or her own family.
  • Always provide the highest quality maintenance and care of the grounds while allowing families to remember departed members in their preferred manner.
  • Always serve people with personal consideration, honesty, and in complete confidence without regard to religion, race, or background.

Those were pretty strong orders; yet, as Riverside has endeavored over the years to meet your changing needs, we have never varied from those guidelines. Since Riverside's beginnings in the 1800's, serving throughout the 1900's, and now in the 2000's, our continuous active presence is into its third century. We strive to follow our original time-honored guidelines as we face a promising future with significant acreage remaining.

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